The benefits of an Executive Advisor


There is a place for management consulting and life coaches, but those are different services. If you want someone on the ground 50 hours a week doing the job for you, go to a management consulting firm. If you need to work through emotional issues or analyze your next move regarding physical fitness, hire a psychologist or life coach. 


However, if you want what most people assume is an executive coach, use the term executive advisor to make sure you are getting someone who not only knows how to be a thought partner to a C-suite executive but also has real-world leadership experience.


Bram works with a select number of senior leaders backstage as an Executive Advisor. Bram helps leaders:

  • Respond quickly to competitive situations

  • Improve alignment behind strategic goals

  • Frame language before high-stakes interactions with board members, clients and staff

  • Increase emotional engagement with staff and customers

  • Make high-value decisions in the face of uncertain conditions


The conversation in the C Suite creates the conversation with your customers. In his role as Advisor Bram serves as:

  • An unbiased third-party objective review

  • A support system for accountability

  • A devil’s advocate on key moves

  • An idea and technique source

  • A confidante to discuss challenging organizational and personnel issues

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